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Ronald Ross Primary

Green Team

The Ronald Ross Green Team has two main aims:

  • To implement energy saving, recycling and environmental projects in school. 

  • To educate all pupils and staff about recycling and energy saving in school, and caring for our environment, through assemblies, curriculum lessons, competitions and example. 

Green Team mission statement:

Our mission is to:

  • Protect our planet by reducing waste and recycling
  • Care for our local area
  • Create and seize opportunities to be green at school
  • Inform and encourage our community to be involved

Who's in the Green Team?

Each class in the school has two Green Team representatives who have been voted for by other members of the class.  This year the Green Team are as follows:

Year 2: 

Year 3: 

Year 4: 

Year 5: 

Year 6: 

What the Green Team does.

Children in the Green Team are responsible for recycling all paper and cardboard from across the school and ensuring that electrical devices are switched off when not required.  They encourage children to place their snack waste in appropriate bins and add any raw food waste in the compost bin they have made.  The Ronald Ross Green Team are increasingly involved in maintaining and developing the school garden.  They publicise energy saving initiatives and competitions and research opportunities to make the school even greener in the future.

The Green Team carry out their duties every day and collect all recycling at the end of the week to be placed in the schools large recycling bins.