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Useful Links

Ronald Ross Primary

Year 2

Teacher | Mrs Khan, email:

Teaching Assistants | Aisha Chowdhry and Isaac Sawyerr (AM)

Year 2 are reading:

The Suitcase


Chris Naylor-Ballesteros

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  Knowledge Organisers

Art and Design

Assembling and Constructing

ko y2 assembling and constructing.pdf


ko y2 drawing.pdf


ko y2 printing.pdf


 We Are Astronauts

soc 2 1 we are astronauts knowledge organiser.pdf

 We Are Games Testers

soc 2 2 we are games testers knowledge organiser .pdf

 We Are Photographers

soc 2 3 we are photographers knowledge organiser .pdf

 We Are Safe Researchers

soc 2 4 we are safe researchers knowledge organiser .pdf

 We Are Animators

soc 2 5 we are animators knowledge organiser .pdf

 We Are Zoologists

soc 2 6 we are zoologists knowledge organiser .pdf





Design and Technology

Mechanisms (wheels and axels)

ko y2 d t mechanisms wheels axels.pdf

 Cooking and Nutrition

ko y2 d t food preparing fruit and vegeatbles including cooking preparing and nutrition .pdf


ko y2 d t textiles templates and joining tecniques.pdf



Hot and Cold Places

year 2 hot and places.pdf

 Local Area and Region

year 2 local area and region.pdf

 United Kingdom

year 2 united kingdom.pdf


Memorial Days

memorial days ko 2020 y2.pdf

 Great Fire of London

great fire of london ko final y2.pdf

 Cristopher Columbus and Neil Armstrong

christopher columbus and neil armstrong ko final y2.pdf



y2 science habitats.pdf

 Healthy Animals

y2 science healthy animals.pdf


y2 science plants.pdf

 Gardens and Allotments

y2 science gardens and allotments.pdf

 Uses of Everyday Materials

y2 science uses of everyday materials.pdf


year 2 scheme of work 2019.pdf