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Useful Links

Ronald Ross Primary

Year 5

Teacher | Mrs Bunn, email:

Teaching Assistants | Sharon Clark

Year 5 are reading:

The Diver's Daughter


Patrice Lawrence

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 Knowledge Organisers

Art and Design

Drawing and Design

ko y5 drawing and design.pdf

Assembling and Constructing 

ko y5 assembling and constructing.pdf

Sculptural Processes

ko y5 sculptural processes.pdf


 We Are Game Developers

soc 5 1 we are game developers knowledge organiser 3 .pdf

 We are Cryptographers

soc 5 2 we are cryptographers knowledge organiser 1 .pdf

 We Are Architects

soc 5 3 we are architects knowledge organiser.pdf

 We Are Web Developers

soc 5 4 we are web developers knowledge organiser.pdf

 We Are Adventure Gamers

soc 5 5 we are adventure gamers knowledge organiser.pdf

 We Are VR Designers

soc 5 6 we are vr designers knowledge organiser.pdf


Design and Technology


ko y5 d t structures frame structures.pdf

 Cooking and Nutrition

ko y5 d t cooking and nutrition celebrating culture and seasonality.pdf

 Mechanical Systems

ko y5 d t mechanical systems cams.pdf



 Earthquakes and Volcanoes 

year 5 earthquakes and volcanoes.pdf


year 5 greece.pdf


Ancient Greece 

ancinet greek ko final y5.pdf

The Anglo-Saxons 

anglo saxon finished ko y5.pdf

Tudor Seafaring 

tudor seafaring saxons ko final y5.pdf


RHE - Christopher Winter Project

year 5 scheme of work 2019.pdf



 Animals Including Humans

y5 science animals including humans.pdf

Changes of Materials

y5 science changes of materials.pdf

Properties of Materials

y5 science properties of materials.pdf

Earth and Space 

y5 science earth and space.pdf


y5 science forces.pdf

Lifecycles and Reproduction

y5 science lifecycles and reproduction.pdf