Useful Links

Useful Links

Ronald Ross Primary

Year 6

Teachers | Mrs Ashley, email

Teaching Assistants | Debbie Smith

LSA | Juwayriyyah Rahman

Year 6 are reading:


War Horse

by Michael Morpurgo

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 Knowledge Organisers

Art and Design

Collaborative Design

ko y6 collaborative design.pdf


ko y6 drawing.pdf


ko y6 photograpy .pdf



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Design and Technology

Celebrating Culture and Seasonality

ko y6 d t celebrating culture and seasonality.pdf

 Pulleys, Gears or CAMS

ko y6 d t pulleys gears or cams.pdf

 Textiles - Combining Different Fabric Shapes

ko y6 d t textiles combining different fabric shapes.pdf



 Map Skills

year 6 map skills.pdf


year 6 mountains.pdf

 The Americas

year 6 the americas.pdf

 North America

year 6 north america.pdf



World War 1

ww1 ko year 6.pdf


mayan ko final y6.pdf

 Vikings and Anglo Saxons

vikings and anglo saxons ko final y6.pdf



RSE - Christopher Winter Project

year 6 scheme of work 2019.pdf




y6 science light.pdf

 Human Circulatory System

y6 science the human circulatory system.pdf

 Evolution and Inheritance

y6 science evolution inheritance.pdf


y6 science classification.pdf


y6 science electricity.pdf

 Review - Sports Focus

y6 science review sports focus.pdf